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  • Bithumb cash transfer is a transfer service of customer's combined assets.
  • A text message with the link to receive Bithumb Cash will be sent to the mobile phone number you entered.
  • If the receiver does not click the text message URL within 48 hours of sending the message, it will be returned in KRW to the sender.
When transferring your Bithumb Cash (KRW+Coin), please choose ‘Combined Transfer’ and to transfer your KRW assets, choose ‘Transfer KRW’.
  • Combined : 90% of your combined assets are available to be transferred.
  • KRW : Your whole KRW assets are available to be transferred.
Available funds 0Cash 0KRW
Per transfer limit 500,000Cash 500,000KRW
mobile phone number

Please enter the number accurately as a combination of the country code + mobile phone number.
Transfer amount
Cash KRW
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Bithumb Cash KRW transfer request

  • Bithumb Cash service integrates and transfers your KRW point and coin assets. Please check carefully before you make the wire transfer.
  • Please go to My Page > Bithumb Cash Settings to set/change the order of coins to be transferred.
  • Your transfer limit of Bithumb Cash is minimum 1,000 KRW /500,000KRW per transfer / 1,000,000KRW per day
  • Transferring Bithumb Cash is available for Bithumb members only. Transferring Bithumb Cash to any external wallet address is not allowed.
  • If canceled, it will be refunded in KRW.

Details Trade History

H part Amount Fees Settlement Status
No transaction found.

The last week's transfer history is displayed. Previous transfer history can be viewed in the transaction history page.

Bithumb Cash Setting

Combined transfer usage setting

Bithumb Cash 0 Cash Combined
  • Bithumb Cash is the KRW value of my all assets combined.
  • When selecting Combined : You can use upto 90% of Bithumb Cash.
  • When selecting KRW : You can use only KRW.

Set Order

You can rearrange the order of coins to be transfered by dragging & dropping each coin to your desired position or using the right arrow.

I agree

You don’t want to use a security passcode
when transferring funds not exceeding 50,000 KRW?
(Go to My Page to change the settings.)