For your safe cryptocurrency transaction
Follow the guideline!
Bithumb administrator will never ask you
to disclose your password, OTP authentication number
or any other personal information.

Please remember that a Bithumb administrator will never ask you to disclose your personal information.
For your safe and secure cryptocurrency transaction, please follow the [Customer Safe Transactions Guideline].

Change your passwordregularly

Set up OTPauthentication

Delete automatic log in &cookie information

Prevent exposure tomalware

Check your Bithumbaccess information

Beware of anyone falselyposing as Bithumb

Change your password regularly.
  • Change your password at least every three months. Set different password for each internet site you access.
  • A password should be more than eight digits, with a combination of more than three different type of
    characters from the English alphabet (small and capital letters), numbers and special symbols.
  • Change Password

Examples of unsafe passwords

  • Using only two types of characters (Four types of characters suggested for making a safe password:
    English alphabet capital letters, English alphabet small letters, numbers and special symbols)
  • Shorter than 7 digits
  • Using easily recognized words
  • Using numbers from ID numbers, birthdays, phone numbers or other personal information
  • Using repeated characters that creates a predictable pattern
  • Using successive characters on the Qwerty keyboard
  • Using passwords provided at system set-up
  • Reusing previously used passwords
Set up OTP authentication to strengthen your security level.
  • Set up an OTP authentication as your additional layer of authentication and use the OTP(One Time Password) generated from your smartphone’s Google Authenticator app for sensitive transactions such as your KRW/BTC transfers to improve the security level of your transactions.
  • OTP setting can be done at My Page. Set OTP Authentication
My Page-OTP Authentication
Download app and
confirm settings
Authenticate OTP and
complete authentication
Delete automatic log in and cookie information.
Internet Explorer cookie delete guide
Click Setting on the upper right corner > Internet Option > Delete Search History
Chrome cookie delete guide
Click See More (three dots) on the upper right corner > History > Clear Browsing Data
Check your Bithumb access information.

You can check your log in history including access location, access device, browser and IP address of up to one(1) month at the Bithumb homepage. If you suspect any unauthorized log in, immediately change your password and contact the Bithumb Customer Center or send us an email.

Check Access Information
Prevent exposure to malware
by following the security guideline.

Risks of hacking increases from virus or spyware that is automatically installed while using the internet.
Follow the security guideline to prevent your PC and smartphones from being hacked.

Security Guidelines

  • Do not download unknown applications
  • Do not visits sites that cannot be trusted
  • Delete text messages and emails sent from unknown dubious senders
  • Use password set function and regularly change password.
  • Turn on wireless interface such as Bluetooth only when in use.
  • When your device functions abnormally, check for malware infections
  • Run a virus scan for all downloaded files before opening
  • Keep OS and vaccine programs up-to-date
Beware of any sites, emails, text messages and phone calls
falsely posing as Bithumb.
We are aware of recent incidents of phishing sites, email, text messages being sent and voice phishing calls being made, falsely posing as Bithumb. Please take caution.
Confirm official Bithumb site (
When accessed via Chrome, the official Bithumb homepage will display the 'Secure'sign on the address bar, as shown below.
How to recognize false Bithumb emails
Official Bithumb email address : ,
Any email sent using a different address, should not be opened and instead be deleted immediately.
Bithumb will not ask our customers to send their personal information via email reply and will not send out email with file attachments.
How to recognize false Bithumb text messages
Official Bithumb sender phone number : 1661 – 5566, 02-6978-8805
Bithumb will not include direct access phone numbers or internet addresses in a log in confirmation text message. When you receive such a text message, DO NOT call the directed phone number or access the provided internet address. Instead, immediately delete the text message.
How to recognize false Bithumb phone calls
Official Bithumb sender phone number : 1661 – 5566
Bithumb will contact our customers using only the official Customer Center phone number.
However, caution is needed, as there can be voice phishing criminals that manipulate caller-ID numbers and use the Bithumb Customer Center phone number in their voice phishing scams. If you suspect a call to be from a voice phishing scam, DO NOT give any personal information over the phone and immediately notify and report the case to the Bithumb Customer Center.
Guarding your values.

Internet Banking Fraud Prevention Campaign View more

Bithumb’s top priority is securely protecting personal information and assets of our customers.
Bithumb will continue to work hard and we ask that our customers also follow the security guideline provided above and enjoy safe transaction services.

Thank you.