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Virtual Asset Deposit

Leave your dormant virtual assets in the deposit service and receive "stable interest"

  • Point.1 Interest income

    Guaranteed maximum interest income!
    By simply depositing virtual assets, the user's holdings will continue to grow.

  • Point.2 Safety

    Deposited virtual assets are stored safely
    After the deposit is received, funds can be returned conveniently and quickly.

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Requested Product

  • 비트코인 30D 13차 (오토드래곤) (BTC)

    Annual interest rate 7%

    Deposit period 2020-10-20 ~ 2020-11-18

    Deposit rate 100%25 / 25 BTC
  • 비트코인 30D 12차 (엑스체인) (BTC)

    Annual interest rate 7%

    Deposit period 2020-10-13 ~ 2020-11-11

    Deposit rate 100%50 / 50 BTC
  • 이더리움 30D 11차 (넥서스원) (ETH)

    Annual interest rate 7%

    Deposit period 2020-10-06 ~ 2020-11-04

    Deposit rate 100%500 / 500 ETH
  • 비트코인 30D 11차 (넥서스원) (BTC)

    Annual interest rate 7%

    Deposit period 2020-10-06 ~ 2020-11-04

    Deposit rate 100%100 / 100 BTC
  • 리플 30D 11차 (넥서스원) (XRP)

    Annual interest rate 7%

    Deposit period 2020-10-06 ~ 2020-11-04

    Deposit rate 100%3,000,000 / 3,000,000 XRP

Request Method

  1. STEP.1 Select product
  2. STEP.2 Set the quantity
  3. STEP.3 Request complete

Frequently asked questions

  1. This is an interest accruing product where the user may receive stable interest payments in the form of virtual assets by entrusting the user's virtual assets with the deposit service provider.
  2. You can participate in any number of service requests, but the minimum/maximum participation limit is set for each deposit them.
    The minimum/maximum limit can be checked through the application page of the deposit product.
    in addition, if the target deposit quantity is achieved, it will be closed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  3. Since the deposited digital assets are stored with the service provider until the end of the deposit term, the underlying assets cannot be traded while they are held for deposit.
  4. The virtual assets are immediately transferred to the deposit service proivder upon completion of the request.
  5. Upon completion of the request confirmation, it is impossible to terminate the service, so please apply carefully.
  6. Deposited assets for deposit services are stored securely at Bithumb.
  7. When the deposit terms ends, users will receive the initial deposit and interest the following day.
    The settlement amount is settled, in sequence, by 17:00
  8. You can check the deposit service details at the "Details tab".
  9. You can check the estimated final payout at the end of the "details tab".
  10. The interest calculation formula is :
    [Calculation formula] Requested Deposit Quantity X Interest Rate X Deposit Days / 365
    **The applicable interest accrual days is the number of days in the deposit term and does not include the recruitment period.


  • 본 예치 서비스는 상품별 운용사에서 제공하는 서비스입니다.
  • Please contact Bulldax ( for details and inquries related to the service.(운용사별 CS 연락처 보기 ▶)
  • Please understand Bithumb is not the primary party in the underlying service, and the Company is not responsible for any losses related to the service.
  • This product cannot be withdrawn or terminated.
운용사별 CS 연락처