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Bithumb Prime for Institutions

You can enjoy faster API at optimized speed, and preferred fee rate.

Three Exclusive Benefits

  • Prime API Prime API enables the traders to
    rapidly manage their trade at
    optimized speed and stability.
  • Fees Prime members will be given
    Preferred rate for trading.
  • Account Management Service We provide dedicated account
    management service to Prime members.

On boarding process

  1. Step 1 Email Application
  2. Step 2 Internal Review
  3. Step 3 Application Result


Our Customers
Who may apply Algorithm trading firms, hedge funds and Financial institutions
Account Verification Level Must be Level 3 or above
If you have trading record at bithumb in last 3 months.

You need to meet at least one of the criteria below to submit application.

Trading volume Last 30days trading volume must be higher than 150B KRW *Calculation will be based on the previous date from the application date.
Average monthly trading volume must be higher than 100B KRW (Based on last 3 months) *Calculation will be based on the previous month from the application month.
Minimum deposit Minimum deposit must be 300M KRW or higher *Calculation will be based on the time we perform internal review.
If you do not have any trading record at bithumb in last 3 months.

If you meet the criteria below, you are eligible to submit application.

Minimum deposit Minimum deposit must be 1B KRW or higher *Calculation will be based on the time we perform internal review.
  • ※ Required Trading Volume or Initial deposit may vary according to the Crypto-market condition.
  • ※ If you do not meet any of the criteria and yet, still proceed to make application, there might be no response from our account manager.

How to Apply

Application Format

Email us at

Email subject : [Application for bithumb Prime Service] Name of representative/company name
Kindly download the prime service application form, and fill up the blanks and attach required document before submitting online application.

Click to download the application form
Mandatory documents to be submitted
  • - Prime service application form
  • - Business Registration Certificate
  • - Bank Statement or Screenshot of your account balance in other cryptocurrency exchange
    1. (1) Bank statement must be notarized
    2. (2) At least one of those documents is required as a proof of source of funds
    • ※ Instructions for attaching documents

      File format JPG,PNG,GIF,PDF

      File Size 5MB or smaller

    • ※ We may request further documentary evidence of your identity for verification.

Internal Review

We will review applicant’s eligibility internally based on the information provided during the application stage.
You may receive the result in 14 working days.
  1. 1. Upon approval of Prime Service, you will be strictly restricted from :
    • - Participating all promotions and events at Bithumb
    • - Purchasing or using fee discount coupons
  2. 2. Upon cancellation of Prime Service, you will be strictly restricted from all the benefits of Prime service such as :
    • - Preferred rate for Prime members
    • - Access to Prime API
    • - Re-application of Prime Service within 30 days period after the cancellation date
  3. 3. We may terminate your Prime Service immediately for any of following reasons, such as :
    • - If you do not maintain the minimum monthly trading volume.
      (Minimum monthly trading volume will be announced to Prime members only)
    • - When a risk of conducting illegal transaction, money laundering or financing of terrorism occurred.
    • - When a violation or neglect on Financial Investment Services and Capital Market Act occurred.
Register security password
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Change your security password regularly to prevent hacking incidents.
Easily predictable patterns, such as a combination of four consecutive or repeating numbers, the numbers included in your password and your email address and the last four digits of your mobile number are not allowed.

SMS verified number
Changes of password

Please make sure to change your temporary (security) passcode in order to log in.

  • - Password must be between 8 - 12 characters long (including special characters).
  • You are not, however, allowed to use other special characters than ~!@#$%^*.
  • - Avoid using the same or similar password that you use to sign in to any other site/exchange. Leaked password will lead to someone getting unauthorized access to your account.
SMS verified number
Security password
Reset security password
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