Super Airdrop Event 1

Be the winner of 15 BTC!

  • Period: Nov. 12th(Mon) ~ Dec.11th(Tue)
  • Subject: Bithumb Members who log-in
  • Content: BTC of 100 million won will be given to a member by drawing applied members if you click on the below EVENT button after logging-in
  • Announcement: Dec.24th(Mon)
Super Airdrop Event 2

Free Commission Coupon for 5 coins and
get an Airdrop every week!

  • Period: Nov.12th(Mon)~ Notice
  • Participation: 1. ‘The event Exclusive coupon for 5 Coins’ to purchase at 10,000won *5 Coins: ZEC, XMR, DASH, BTG, OMG 2. Trade more cheaply along with 5 coins at Bithumb 3. Rank among the top 500 and Get an Airdrop in 7-day transaction amount
  • Subject: The top 500 cumulative transaction amounts for 7days starting from every Monday(All Bithumb coins)
  • Payment: Batch Payment Every Wednesday
7-day Transaction Amount Reward
Ranked #1 (1 Member) 7 BTC
Ranked #2 (4 Members) 100 ETH
Ranked #3 (10 Members) 8,000 XRP
Ranked #4 (35 Members) coins equivalent to KRW 1.2 Million KRW (random)
Ranked #5 (50 Members) coins equivalent to KRW 0.8 Million KRW (random)
Ranked #6 (100 Members) free commission coupon of 300 Million KRW of transaction amount
Ranked #7 (300 Members) free commission coupon of 100 Million KRW of transaction amount
The event Exclusive coupon (5 coins)
  1. 1. 15 BTC of the event reward is worth 100 million won(KRW) as the date of November, 7th and the 15 BTC will be distributed to the winner independently of the fluctuation on the market price.
  2. 2. Event No.2 coupons apply only to the 5 types of coins(ZEC, XMR, DASH, BTG, OMG). Coins are subject to change after an advanced announcement.
  3. 3. Event coupons are only available for one hour at the point of purchase, and can only be purchased once per day per account.
  4. 4. Airdrop is for the members who purchase event coupon and is provided to the account with the most transaction sum based on the mobile number.
  5. 5. In case of rank 4th and 5th for Airdrop, it will be paid out randomly among the listed coins and will be converted at the closing price on the every 7th day.
  6. 6. In principle, event coupon is not refundable.
  7. 7. If you have an existing commission coupons, the event coupon will be applied first.
  8. 8. Duration period for Commission Fee Coupon as Event Reward is one month.
  9. 9. Unfair transactions such as fraudulent transactions, abnormal transactions, etc. may be excluded from payment.
  10. 10. This event may be terminated early due to our circumstances.
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