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To protect valuable personal information of our customers
Bithumb continuously
working hard!
  • Commercial banking
    sector level Security solution
  • Up to 6 billion KRWComprehensive cyber
    insurance coverage
  • Enhanced CustomerIdentification Procedures
  • Access informationChecking system
Bithumb uses a consolidated security solution - AhnLab Safe Transaction.

Bithumb is the first among the domestic virtual asset exchanges to introduce a consolidated security solution ‘AhnLab Safe Transaction’ and to set up an Android vaccine application ‘V3 Mobile Plus 2.0’’. These are the most advanced security solutions, used by commercial banks, providing protection against hacking and upgrades in server security at the exchanges through network separation and IPS(intrusion prevention system). A 24/7 monitoring system is also in place, along with security consulting provided by the top security firm in Korea.
Bithumb strives to achieve a world-class= security system for the safe transactions of our customers.

Install Security Program
Bithumb covered by a comprehensive cyber insurance
To secure the customers assets from any cyber threats
and personal information leakages.
Bithumb is insured under ‘New cyber comprehensive insurance’ and ‘Personal information leakage liability insurance’ by Hyundai Insurance.
Bithumb applies rigid rules for customer identification to protect our customers\' assets.

Bithumb creates a transparent transaction environment by adopting an anti-money laundering (AML) policy that complies with international standards. As part of our ongoing effort to strengthen our Know Your Customer (KYC) certification, customers must self-certify themselves by mobile phone and a place of their legal residence must be certified when they sign up for membership. Our enhanced customer identification procedures prevent intrusion into our system by users from High-risk and other monitored jurisdictions. This prevents virtual assets from being illegally used for terrorism and crime.
Our security defense system also prevents abnormal access of ID codes that might pose a cyber risk. This way, we protect our customers\' assets from risks such as hacking and illegal transactions. If you see a guiding message popping up when you long in, immediately contact the Bithumb Call Center to identify the exact cause or visit the Bithumb Customer Center to request unblocking your access. Then, you will receive help with logging in again.

Residence information registered
Guiding message on access blocked

High-risk and other monitored jurisdictions

Countries and Territories designated by the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering(FATF) as insufficient in the fight against money laundering.

Bithumb enabling the customers
to check their access information.

Your access information can be checked at My Page. A confirmation text message will be sent out to the registered cell-phone number every time a log in occurs. Immediately change your password if you find any unauthorized access or log in to your account. Check Access Information

My page - Access information
Text message sent out when a log in occurs

Bithumb’s top priority is securely protecting personal information and assets of our customers.
We will continue to work hard on providing safe transaction services.

Thank you.