Online payment

Safely and conveniently make
payments using Bithumb Cash from PC and mobile!
Make payments using Bithumb Cash from a variety of online stores.
Online payment
This is a service that allows you to select and make payments using Bithumb Cash as the payment method for various online affiliate stores.
Online payment
  • 1 Select Bithumb Cash
    Select Bithumb Cash for your payment method at affiliate stores
  • 2 Bithumb login
    Enter security password after login using your Bithumb ID
  • 3 Payment complete
    Payment complete after consenting to the purchase terms!

Bithumb Cash usable store

Please double-check.
  • It is only available for users with level 2 membership or higher.
  • Cancellation / returns and other instructions can be viewed in the relevant shopping mall.
  • For more details regarding Bithumb Cash, please refer to the User Guide .