Register for Whale Club Service

Join Whale Club with transaction fees waived! Trade all you want on Bithumb without worrying about fees!

What is Whale Club?

  • Members who join Whale Club will be able to trade all cryptocurrencies listed on Bithumb with transaction fees waived during the trial run period.
  • However, there will be a 2% -> 1% fee for withdrawing assets(Discounted rate during the trial run period)
    * for both internal and external withdrawals * If the 1% withdrawal fee is less than the default external withdrawal fee, then the default external withdrawal fee shall be charged.

Eligible Members

  • 1,000 members among all Bithumb members will be recruited

Application period

  • 2019.09.16 15:00 ~ By 2019.09.18 23:59 p.m./a.m.
  • After the application is received, the member`s registration will be determined through an internal review and notified accordingly.

Whale Club Service Period

  • 2019.09.23 10:00 ~ A trial run will proceed until announced separately
notes of attention
  • 1. If the service is canceled during the trial run at the member`s request, the member will be charged a fee of 2% -> 1% of their assets at the time of cancellation. (Discounted rate during the trial run period)
    However, the member may cancel without a cancellation fee in the following cases. - If the service ends because the Whale Club service period has ended (includes early termination) - If there were no transactions from when the member joined Whale Club to the point of cancellation
  • 2. Members cannot purchase a set-priced fee coupon during the Whale Club registration period.
  • 3. Set-price coupons that are used during the Whale Club service period will be temporarily suspended, but the period of validity shall remain.
  • 4. Members who use the Whale Club service cannot participate in other events hosted by Bithumb.
  • 5. Unfair transactions such as fraudulent, abnormal transactions and etc will be excluded and not be eligible for any reward.
The registration period for the Whale Club trial run has ended.
The service will be officially released once the trial run is over, so please register when the official service application period begins.