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Virtual Asset Lending

Lending Bitcoin and Ethereum

하락장 렌딩

Borrow crypto with KRW as collateral!

Borrow and sell when the prices are high, buy back and repay when price is low, and take the profit!
(Repayment is based on virtual asset amount borrowed)

상승장 렌딩

Borrow crypto with crypto as collateral!

If the asset appreciates after borrowing, repay KRW equivalent amount, and the difference is profit.

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  • The service is provided by Defi/Delio. Please direct specific questions related to the service to Defi/Delio.
  • By using the service, the user acknowledges the risk of financial loss resulting from market conditions including fluctuation in market price.
  • Bithumb has no role in providing the service and is not responsible for any losses realized from the service.