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Automatic sale

Transactions using market margin between exchanges
The only bot available for commercial use in Korea that automatically makes exchanges based on market margin according to set conditions
No coin transfer | Application download required
Major features
Provision of exchange status in real time
Provision of ranking of coin in real time
Able to exchange in KRW, BTC, ETH, UDB market
Support OS :
Transactions based on investment strategy
HEYBIT (heybit)
Automated trading service which makes profit by managing exchange
Bithumb official application download required
Major features
Use of quantitative investment strategy to record operation history
Minimizes the risk of liquidation within 24 hours
Limits the amount of risk by adjusting the betting ratio
Support OS :
Trading with AI Traders
Korbot (korbot)
The smartest algorithmic trading platform built for global crypto investors.
Program download required
Major features
Robust and sustainable return with minimized risks Core algorithm with five years of development and use history Use of quantitative analysis and machine learning technology
Support OS :
A social trading platform taking in account of top profit traders
Copybot (Copybot)
We provide a copybot function that automatically follows top ranking trader's portfolio's composition
Program download required
Major features
We provide an earning rate league used in practice based on data syncronized to Bithumb. We also provide automatic syncronization of top trader's portfolio composition proportion and a personal portfolio analysis function.
Support OS :